Wyvern Fire 2 Child
A Child Fire Wyvern
Release Date (Tuesday) November 25th, 2008
Elements Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Silver, and Gold
Secondary Resource Dragon Scales

The strong and agile Wyvern’s are competitive from birth. They never tire of challenging others. Courageous and stubborn, almost fearless in a fight they always wish to hold a high position. Only those who are also wild and bold of spirit should seek to own a Wyvern.

Wyverns produce Dragons Scales as a secondary resource!



Able to fly only a few hours after hatching, the small Wyvern loves to fly around on their fragile wings, and are very active when awake. With all this activity though, they soon tire themselves out and can be found resting asleep quite often. Already, the stubborn but brave character of the Wyvern can be seen in these hardy little youngsters.


The Wyvern child’s wings are starting to become a bit stronger and less fragile looking. Small, sharp horns have started to grow on their backs. They love to play, tag being their favourite game. Any game activities they do participate in, they’ll always challenge the others to be the leader, and they’re stubborn if they don’t get their way! They can bit of a loner at times however; if not engaging in game activities they like to be on their own, preferring their own company.


The Wyvern teenager has lost some of its stubbornness. The wings have grown, the first holes starting to appear as the skin has become slightly torn. However, this does not prevent them from flying, which is still their favourite activity.


The fearless Wyvern adult still loves to fly, but due to their wings being more torn they are unable to maintain flight for long, their wings tiring quickly. They often become grumpy, sulking at their inability to fly around as much. However, being grounded more often does give them the chance to interact more with the other species, and they start to learn to get on better with them. The horns on the Wyvern continue growing.


The ancient Wyvern’s wings have become too torn for flight. The proud and wise Wyvern is sad and even angry at this sometimes, but accepts life without flight. The horns have become quite long, and horn growth has reached its maximum. They are more willing to accept the company of others around them these days.