DrA Eggs

Dragon eggs in alphabetical order.

There are a total of 11 dragon species to choose from. You can have more than one dragon at a time but you must wait for the first to reach level 30. The colors of the dragons varies from what element you choose. Each species can be combined with one of the different types of elements: Fire Furdragon, Water Wyvern, Water Dino... any and all combinations are possible, it’s your choice. You can choose the element, gender, and name of your dragon once it hatches. Watch your dragon grow over time from Level 1 - 110, from Egg all the way to Ancient Dragon. Every stage and species features its own little animation!

You can keep your dragon happy by visiting and letting other people visit, also you’ll need to remember to feed them by going to your dragonpage. The more people that visit him, the faster your dragon will grow (up to the daliy cap). In addition, you can link your dragon to forums or your own personal pages. Your work and care will be paid off with the resources your dragon will give you. You’ll be able to create items which you can use to progress in the game, trade with others, or customize your dragon. Each species has got its own items. The items have special effects on your dragon, from increaseing your rank to produceing more resources, so start collecting!

List of DragonsEdit


You can adopt a total of seven dragons for free. If you would like more than seven dragons you can purchase a slot with Dragon Coins.