White Powder
A White Powder
Price Miscellaneous (depending on the type of powder)
Location 'Buy Unique Items' shop
Obtaining Buy using any resources (type and price of powder varies)
Uses To change your dragon's element, or color

Powders are special items that were added to Dragonadopters after the release of Dragonadopters 2.0 in October, 2009. Four colors of powder were released at this time: Red, Blue, Green, and White Powders. Gold/Silver Powders were added later with the revelation of the Gold/Silver dragon elements.

Powders can be used to change the element of one of your existing dragons. Red Powder changes a dragon to the Fire element, Blue to Water, Green to Earth, White to Air, and Gold/Silver to Gold/Silver. Changing a dragon's element will change its color and what type of aura it produces. Powders are a one-use item.

Powders can only be purchased with aura. Here is a list of powders you can buy:

  • Green Powder (30,000 units of aura)
  • Red Powder (30,000 units of aura)
  • White Powder (30,000 units of aura)
  • Blue Powder (30,000 units of aura)
  • Silver Powder (50,000 units of aura)
  • Gold Powder (100,000 units of aura)
  • Albino Powder (20 Dragon Coins)

In order to buy a powder, you must go to the 'Buy Unique Items' tab under the 'INVENTORY' section of your dragonpage. Please note that this tab will only be visible to you if you have obtained 20,000 or more ranking points in-game. To see how many ranking points you currently have, go to the 'Ranking' tab under the 'MISC' section of your dragonpage. Then click 'Show me (All Players)'. You will then be able to view your current ranking position and how many ranking points you currently have.

Along with the six listed powders above, there is also a special Albino Powder, that is only purchasable with Dragon Coins. Please view the Dragon Coins article for more information on Albino Powder.