Lizardus Earth 2 Child
A Child Earth Lizardus
Release Date (Tuesday) November 25th, 2008
Elements Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Silver, and Gold
Secondary Resource Reptile Scales

The loyal and faithful Lizardus are quiet natured creatures preferring their own thoughts, although when greeted friendly they may choose to communicate. They like to do their own thing and never take anything too seriously. Lizardus are quite clumsy and although they have wings they are too small for flight, even when fully grown.

Lizardus produce Reptiles Scales as their secondary resource.



The Lizardus hatchling has a happy and calm nature. Curious of its surroundings, it loves to touch and discover everything surrounding it. Lizardus like to rest often, but are not always asleep, as they never wish to miss a thing. The hatchling's friendly character when greeted wins them friends easily. All Lizardus are born with characteristic white spirals markings on their legs which they keep throughout their entire lifetime.


The Lizardus child can be quite clumsy with its massive feet and bulky body, and can be seen stumbling across the most minor of things. They often need to take regular breaks to refresh their energy reserves. They are respectful of both their owners and the other dragon species.


The gentle Lizardus teenager can be a little stubborn at times, but that's part of being a teenager. Their wings are at max growth by now, but because of their body size, they use them to keep their massive bodies cool.


The trustworthy adult Lizardus have now reached their full growth, and their legs have become very muscular. Their large bodies make them clumsy, and they have a tendency of being lazy, often watching preferring to watch the activity than participate. They are quite intelligent and always friendly to others.


The friendly ancient Lizardus has become even lazier; they can often be seen just relaxing in a comfy spot, watching the others and their antics. Although very experienced in real life, they can still act quite silly when they want to, giving them that lovable character. They love to watch the others in their activities, and can become quite anxious if they find themselves alone.