White Pearl DrA
A White Gem
Price Miscellaneous (depending on the type of gem)
Location 'Buy Gems' shop
Obtaining Buy using Primary Rescources
Uses For items; (characteristically jewelry) and selling

Gems are used to make certain items (rings, necklaces, reptile scale hand bracelets, reptile scale leg bracelets, reptile scale tail bracelets, dragon scale hand bracelet, dragon scale leg bracelet, and dragon scale tail bracelet) for your dragon. They can be purchased with any type of aura,in different levels depending on what color and level type of item you want to make.

Levels of gemsEdit

The levels of gems go by 10's (10,20,30 e.t.c) and effect the level of the item you are going to create. The levels correspond to the level of your dragon,a level 15 dragon can wear level 10 items,but it can't wear level 20 items,but a level 30 dragon can wear level 20 or 10 items,e.t.c. The higher the level,the better bonuses you get from the item.

Here is a list of gems and the level they go with:

  • Pearl (level 10)
  • Ruby (level 20)
  • Diamond (level 30)
  • Sapphire (level 40)
  • Emerald (Level 50)
  • Topaz (level 60)
  • Opal (level 70)
  • Obsidian (level 80)
  • Amethyst (level 90)
  • Aquamarine (level 100)

Colors of gemsEdit

The type of aura you buy the gem with will affect what color the gem is and therefore what color the item will be. The color of the item only affects your item checklist,so you can use whatever type of aura you want to make the item,as long as you have enough aura to do so. The color of the aura used to buy the gem will be the color of the gem (green aura=green gem e.t.c)


  • When you try to create an item with an emerald, it says "a emerald" instead of an emerald.