Eastern Dragon
Eastern Water 2 Child
A Child Water Eastern Dragon
Release Date (Tuesday) November 25th, 2008
Elements Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Silver, and Gold
Secondary Resource Dragon Fur

The wise and mysterious Easterns are the most thoughtful, and intelligent among the dragons. They are very peaceful beings, making others feel at ease when around them. They are very tolerant and considerate to others.

Eastern Dragons produce Dragon Fur as a secondary resource.



The mysterious Eastern hatchling likes to sleep often, but when awake, like most healthy youngsters, they love to play. They are serpent-like in their appearance, and their whole body is covered in fur, except for their chest and head scales. They also have a beautiful long fur mane and tail that’s soft to the touch.


Although wingless, the Eastern has a very strong aura which allows them to fly with the use of magic. The Eastern child’s aura is not quite strong enough yet for any proper flight, but they can however be seen practicing small bursts of flight like activity. The child is eager to learn and discover new things, learning fast and forever expanding its knowledge.


The intelligent Eastern teenager is a calm character and quite charming, although a little arrogant at times. They have already gained a lot of knowledge in early development, and are still eager to expand their wisdom. Their characteristic whiskers are starting to show, and their body length has doubled in size since childhood. You can now see some stiff fur around the eyes which looks like small, fragile horns.


The experienced adult Easterns are very wise beings. Their body has become very muscular, and they love to fly around, masters in their ability to use magic for flight. The whiskers have grown much longer now, and small scales can be seen along with the fur on their legs. They are friendly and always like the company of others.


The wise and benevolent ancients are very friendly and peaceful. Although still able to fly, they prefer not to do it so often now, preferring to leave the flying for the younger generation. The whiskers have grown yet again, and both genders now have a little white beard.