Dragon Coins
Dragon coins
Dragon Coin Sprite
Price 100,000 units of Aura
Location 'Get Dragon Coins' Store
Obtaining Once you go to 'Get Dragon Coins' pay 100,000 units of one resource, or more.
Uses - 20 Coins for a Albino Dark Dragon

- 10 Coins for an additional dragon slot (Doubles in price each time purcahsed) - 1 Coin for Pumpkin Seeds, for use in racing - 3 Coins for re-naming your desired dragons.

Dragon Coins were a new addition to Dragonadopters at the end of June, 2010. The price for one Dragon Coin is 100,000 units of any resource (E.G 100 000 Dragon Scales equates to 1 Dragon Coin.) They allow you to purchase special things in the game.

Originally, Dragon Coins were available for purchase at $8.99 through PayPal. But around a week after release, due to "personal and internal reasons", the Coins were changed to be purchased for resources.

It'll take awhile until you save enough resources to buy a Dragon Coin, buying items for your dragon to produce more resources will help in saving up resources! It is also possible to obtain Dragon Coins by winning them in an official contest or doing commission artwork for members on the Dragonadopters forum.

List of what you can buy with Dragon Coins:

  • 20 Coins for 1 Albino Powder (Turns 1 Dark Dragon into an Albino Dark Dragon.)
  • 10 Coins for an additional dragon slot (The price doubles as you purchase more spots, E.G. your second additional spot will cost 20 coins.)
  • 1 Coin for Pumpkin Seeds, for use in racing.
  • 3 Coins for re-naming one of your desired dragons.

Note: You can send Dragon Coins to a friend (as a gift or for a commission for example). It’s not possible to cancel this action once the "Send Coins" button is pressed. Dragonadopters does not support trading coins with ingame items, resources, dragons or accounts. This action will lead to taking away your receive/send coins option.