Dragonadopters was designed to be a game and community for dragon and fantasy lovers.

The adoption feature allowed you to adopt and care for your own cutie. To start you off, you would receive your own personal dragonpage with one dragon egg. You'd have the possibility of adopting more dragons later on once you had proved you are a responsible dragon owner by raising it. You had a choice between 7 different dragon species: Western, Eastern, Furdragon or maybe you feel like adopting a Wyvern, Lizardus or Dino? You may even wish to adopt one of our newest additions, the Pterodragon or Dark Dragon.
Each species could have been combined with one of the different types of elements: Fire Furdragon, Water Wyvern, Water Raptor... all combinations are possible, it’s your choice. You can choose the element of your dragon once it hatches. Watch your dragon grow over time from Level 1 - 110, from Egg all the way to Ancient Dragon. Every stage and species featured its own little animation!

In the past, if you wanted to register you would click the following link; however, the site has shut down.